The Indianapolis Motor Speedway & Local Arts Collaborations by Jennifer Von Deylen

In celebrating the one hundredth running of the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is setting an example of how to collaborate with the arts community. 

The Welcome Race Fans: The Arts Celebrate the 100th Running exhibit is now open at the Indianapolis Artsgarden. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway partnered with the Indianapolis Arts Council in calling on thirty three artists to create their version of the "Welcome Race Fans" signs we associate with the month of May. Each artist provided a unique perspective, making this an eclectic and interesting display. 

The exhibit will travel throughout Central Indiana, landing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May. More is available at Welcome Race Fans!

Mark your calendar for the opening of the Peoples 500 Exhibit on May 6th. Curated by local arts expert Shauta Marsh, this project provides a living history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Jesse Sugarmann created the exhibit from photographs and video of one hundred Hoosiers sharing their memories of the track, while driving a pace car around it. The opening will be held at Big Car's new Tube Factory Art Space. More information is available at The People's 500 Facebook event page. 

Six Reasons You Will Love The Fountain Square Music Festival by Jennifer Von Deylen

1. There will be great music literally everywhere you turn from a variety of genres

2. Net proceeds benefit Musical Family Tree and Girls Rock, two awesome organizations!

3. Kishi Bashi 

4. From 10am-1pm on Saturday Girls Rock is hosting a Family Day with creative activities for all ages

5. The weather will be awesome! You can jump from venue to venue in comfort!

6. Celebrity cat Lil Bub will be there

There are so many reasons this will be a great event that we just can't list them all. The organizers have done an amazing job of recruiting artists and creating a schedule with a lot of activities. 

Check out the schedule online at Fountain Square Music Festival. The festival begins Friday 3/25 and runs through Saturday 3/26. Please note that some venues are over twenty-one only. Hope to see you there!

Stella Artois Happy Hour At The Symphony by Jennifer Von Deylen

It seems like just yesterday we were fretting over the future of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. From my experience last Thursday evening at the Stella Artois Happy Hour, the Symphony appears to have blossomed into a modern and sustainable organization. 

The Hilbert Circle Theatre was alive and buzzing for the Happy Hour event. Well dressed Millennials mingled among other generations, while enjoying libations and food samples from various restaurants.

View from the second floor balcony of Stella Artois Happy Hour crowd.

View from the second floor balcony of Stella Artois Happy Hour crowd.

The performance of Artists-In-Residence, Time For Three was captivating. Any band who can successfully translate Stairway to Heaven into another genre has my adoration.

The next Stella Artois Happy Hour will be Thursday April 7th. The February Happy Hour sold out, so I encourage you to get tickets early. You can purchase them and browse other events at this link, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 2015-2016 season.

I feel having a symphony is essential for Indianapolis to be viewed as a cultural urban center. Whether it be through a donation or attending an event, I hope you will join me in supporting this great asset. 

Top Picks for February First Friday by Jennifer Von Deylen

The First Friday of love is here! There is no snow or rain in the forecast, so everyone should be out enjoying the scene. There is so much to choose from, but here are our top picks for things to do on First Friday, Feb. 5th: 

  1. Dinner at Tinker Street! They are donating $1.00 to the Harrison Center for every person that goes there Friday night.
  2. Take your love on over to the  Harrison Center for the Follow Your Heart Artist Reception from 6-9 pm. It's a sweet group show featuring work from five artist couples. Not to mention that it is curated by local artist Kyle Ragsdale, who is a sweetheart himself! 
  3. If you start early enough, you can dash to Fountain Square for the Mythic Indy Book Launch Party at Well Done Marketing in the Murphy Arts Center. Those crazy geniuses created a book of weird tales set around Indianapolis and we can't wait to check it out!  Buy the book and proceeds benefit Second Story, an awesome creative writing program for kids. The event is from 5-7 pm and Well Done is located on the first floor next to La Margarita (another great place to stop for a spell on First Friday).
  4. By now you've done some good, seen some art and hopefully not drank too much cheap wine! Shuffle yourself upstairs at the Murphy and meander through the maze, popping in and out of studios until you get to Girls Rock space (Suite 214). You can make a small donation and chill while making Valentines from 6-9. The Cosmic Preachers will be playing there from 7:30-8:30.
  5. If you followed this plan, you have done some great things to support the local arts scene. You owe it to yourself to head back downstairs to the free show at the HiFi. But first, pop in to iMOCA to check out their opening Elena Lavellés, Artur Silva and Elizabeth Webb: Transaction Boundaries

    Have fun and be safe! XOXO


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This Is An Indianapolis Weekend! by Jennifer Von Deylen

Settling in for a movie at the IMA is a great way to kick off a winter weekend! 

Settling in for a movie at the IMA is a great way to kick off a winter weekend! 

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) featured the movie Control Friday night as part of the Winter Nights Film Series. Normally, the IMA shows great classic movies like The Magnificent Seven scheduled for this coming Friday. I appreciate those films, but was happy to see something different this week. Control is more of an art house flick and I loved it. The 2007 movie tells the story of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the post punk band Joy Division. It's a tragic and moving story. The tale reveals itself slowly in black and white film. It guides you through like a dream that you don't want to end. Realizing all along that when it does, it will likely be sad. There is beauty in sad stories and this film was no exception. 

I hope the IMA takes more risks like this in the future, but the classic movies they have lined up for the rest of the season are excellent. The Toby is a great venue and I encourage you to attend some of the remaining shows.

Happy Birthday PRINTtEXT!

It's difficult to not want all of these on your coffee table!
It's difficult to not want all of these on your coffee table!

PRINTtEXT celebrated their second anniversary in business Saturday with a lovely party. PRINTtEXT is a shop that sells periodicals, which is really an understatement. The owners, Benjamin and Janneane Blevins have created a crisp and comfortable space that you want to just hang out in and browse. The stacks of beautiful publications would brighten any day.

PRINTtEXT party with friend and artist Kipp Normand

The periodical covers at PRINTtEXT are a feast for the eyes and the contents a feast for the mind. With publications covering fashion, literature, architecture, art and so much more, it would be difficult to leave without finding one to purchase. Places like PRINTtEXT are what help make Indianapolis a city remembered as much for culture as for sports.

You can visit PRINTtEXT at 654 E 52nd St. Tues-Sat 12-7, Sun 12-5 or view their

Layers of gorgeous content

The New Rook

My first Cuban Bahn Mi won't be my last at Rook, loved it! 

My first Cuban Bahn Mi won't be my last at Rook, loved it! 

Later on Saturday, we had the privilege of getting a sneak peek at the new Rook. Rook has moved from the Hinge into Slate, the new mixed use development on Virginia Ave. Restaurateurs Ed and Sasatorn Rudisell hosted a few friends and family to experience their revamped menu and space. 

The move to Slate allowed Rook to increase kitchen size to accommodate the skills of Chef Carlos Salazar. The menu has expanded to include dishes from all over the Asian Continent and Pacific Islands. Rook now has a wine cellar and full bar. 

The contemporary atmosphere in the new space provides a relaxed chic dining experience. The food and service were excellent. Rook is open for lunch and dinner. You can view the full menu





What I Learned from Truman Capote by Jennifer Von Deylen

Capote's Black & White Ball 1968

Capote's Black & White Ball 1968

"Do you have theme?" My dear friend asked after I told her about our New Year's Eve party. My mind started racing. Theme? I hadn't given that a thought. Isn't New Year's Eve a theme in and of itself? Yikes, our party was surely doomed! 

"I'm still working on that," I replied calmly.

"We don't have a theme for the party. We need a THEME," I stated not so calmly to my husband on the way home. I don't recall his exact response, but I do remember realizing I was on my own with this one. 

I soon discovered the story of Truman Capote's epic 1968 Black and White Ball. Boom, the perfect theme. Simple, modern and classic. He asked the guests to wear black or white cocktail attire, masks were optional. He created an invitation list that mingled celebrities, artists, writers, musicians and business executives. Our friends are from similar vocations (depending on your definition of celebrity) and it proved to be an excellent mix of people. 

Von Deylen NYE Black & White Bash  

Our version of a classic theme

Our version of a classic theme

We all forgot about our cell phones for hours and just enjoyed each other's company. Talking, laughing, drinking and dancing until the wee hours. Shortly after midnight, I served my version of Capote's chicken hash. For a personal modern twist, I added White Castles which we all ate in our fancy clothes. It was grand. 

The story behind Capote's Ball is fascinating. If you're interested here is a short version:

If you want a longer read, I devoured this book!


Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote and His Black and White Ball

By Deborah Davis